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Case Studies

Amelia Avery

Working different jobs to create stability as a single mother Amelia knew that she had to follow her passion to really feel the fulfillment and success she sought after. Amelia’s experience spans the corporate, nonprofit, hospitality and consulting sectors. She began her career by becoming part of the development team for a homeless youth shelter in Dallas called Promise House that is where she found her passion knowing that her work meant something bigger for someone else. She developed a new donor and volunteer database that was inclusive of athletic foundations, churches such as the Potter’s House, and building awareness with smaller business owners.
While serving as the interim Foundation Manager of Fortune 500 Charitable Foundation, she facilitated the revamp of the companies’ foreign volunteer engagement program and assisted in their foundation’s global expansion. As a Fundraising Campaign manager for a national nonprofit organization, she was able to increase volunteer sponsor engagement while cultivating new awareness with community partners. Amelia has been at the forefront of change, development, growth, and expansion of projects and companies her entire career. “I have always had a passion for helping people and didn’t know how I could be a catalyst for change beyond my personal volunteering. I saw the ability to reach more individuals through the corporate landscape to not only bring awareness but create social change. ” I have always had big ideas and big dreams and that gave me the mind to see the bigger picture.”